This 3D gallery features a few samples models created by John Picha. Check out John's Youtube Channel for more. It contains over 100 models in all shapes, sizes and genres. In the eclectic mix you will find; a port for vehicles Lost in Space, a menagerie of Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, a cavalcade of comicbook heroes, a pinch of anime, a pile of robots, and some stuff you've probably never heard of before.



Felix the Cat first appeared on the silent screen in 1919. He was created by Otto Messmer.



The Phantom debuted in an adventure comic strip in 1936 created by Lee Falk.



Spinners were featured in the 1982 movie Blade Runner. They were designed by Syd Mead.


John's Youtube galllery is updated frequently. If you're curious about what's coming out next, be sure to check it out often.