Creating 3D Models from 2D Cartoon Characters

Since I began posting 3d models on Youtube, I've gotten several email inquires about 3d modeling. It seems that the Hanna Barbera models are of the most interest. Many of the questions I receive are, 'how do you make these characters in 3d?"

That's why I’ve created this e-book. In it I explain my Hanna Barbera 3d building theory, as concisely as I can. It's available for purchase and immediate download @


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This ebook focuses on 3d theory rather than creating a program centric, procedural how-to book. This way any 3d modeler can apply the? information in their favorite 3d application.


Lightwave Fire Tutorial: Gaseous Flame


This gaseous fireball was created in Lightwave. It was done using the native application. No additional plug-ins were required. If you'd like to learn how to build and animate this object, the LIGHTWAVE FIRE TUTORIAL: GASEOUS FLAME ebook is available for purchase and immediate download @


In the ebook I outline a simple step-by-step proceedure to create animated fire in Lightwave 9.6+. Even if you've never played with particles or hypervoxels in Lightwave, you will be able to setup the fireball featured in this youtube video in a matter of minutes.


ZIG RIG - Character Rigging - Lightwave Tutorial


These lightwave character rigging tutorials are for a biped skeleton. I call it the ZIG RIG. You can incorporate sections into your favorite rig or go through the entire youtube playlist to build a full body. The lessons are broken down into subesctions for the torso, legs and feet, arms, and hands.They cover, bone creation, mirrioring hieracrchies, motion limits, proxy picking, followers and inverse kinematics.

There are 32 videos in the series. It's takes about hour to view them all and they are absolutely free!

Check out the ZIG RIG videos on youtube.